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Originally Posted by topspin View Post
Airline pilots are exceptionally observant individuals when it comes to flying objects. Almost all of them have hit a bird or birds at one time or another and they know exactly what the looks like and sounds like. If the pilots reported they may have hit a drone then they certainly hit something that was not a bird and you can bet a balloon would not make a sound.

I am fairly convinced that it was some idiot flying a quad copter trying to get some really *****en video of a close encounter with an airliner. In spit of my feelings on the subject I'm open to suggestions as to what else it might be.
Like the pilots that made all of the UFO reports in the past? Or the pilots who thought the engine's were out when actually the pilot had pulled the throttle back and put a 747 into a tail spin. Or the pilot who thought the auto pilot was engaged and the plane went totally off course when he went to the restroom and the co pilot didn't even notice. How about the one that wandered into soviet airspace an got shot down?

The point is that pilots are human and make mistakes, sometimes huge mistakes. The fact is the pilot never said he hit a drone, he said he THOUGHT he hit a drone. In other words he really did not know.

IMO 90% of drone sightings are bogus. It's the modern version of UFO sightings.

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