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Originally Posted by dingo9882 View Post
Sorry everybody....I have to say this. Instead of us debating about what really happened with all of the reports or the could have, would have, and should have comments, here is the important question: What do we do now??? What steps and legal actions are at our disposal to hinder, or prevent this vote legally? Instead of us whining and writing to our elected officials (If your in CT....they don't listen anyway...just like any other state, in which you get an automated response back). Because the last time I checked, we are not protected under the Constitution to fly our model airplane. Seriously......this is an actual question for the real lawyers in the room....what can we do? If you said to me that if we took some of our money....sort of like a class action lawsuit....I would do it. That is how much this hobby means to me. I see what they do to our Second Amendment rights here is CT.....and that a protected right....just look what they are doing to this and it is not a right....
There are certainly no shortage of gunshops in CT, and all of them are doing gangbusters in terms of sales. Head over the Hoffman's in Newington on any Saturday or Sunday and watch the police directing traffic in and out of the parking lot it's so busy. You're right though, there is no specific constitutional right to fly your airplane, and to take it one step further you have some restrictions on what you can do with your plane as it might fly in the national airspace. I get the dismay in having the FAA involved in our hobby, but technology has sort of brought that to be, and I for one don't want any company out there flying over my head without some rules and regs in play.

What can you do? Continue to go and fly and have fun. Promote the hobby by interacting with the public in a positive manner. Write your representatives and let them know what your position in on the undue burden that is proposed on our hobby. You can also make donations to the AMA and earmark that donation for lobbying efforts.