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Originally Posted by HoundDog View Post
Originally Posted by rcmiket
"there are plenty of times I walk away from the computer , shaking my head "

I resemble that remark.


"There are NEVER ANY times I walk away from the computer , shaking my head ".

Man I got to stay for the final round of Dumb Posts by all of us. Some times so Dumb that it is almost hilarious. Let me ask each and every one here and other Threads we all subscribe to. In the years all this BS has been going on has anyone even come close to altering Where When and most impotently HOW they Fly their R/C Toy Airplanes. Have any clubs said they check or even would Require an FAA pilots number on ones person or plane? Just seems we have all wasted thousands of man hours Whining Crabbing getting Angry at each others over virtually NOTHING ... I would believe that all of us still Fly just as we always have,(At least at the 5 clubs I Fly at do). This post will be forgotten by next page never to be heard or read again, Which pretty well Proves my Point, That all here pretty much just like to argue over "NOTHING". Now chastise me for being clinical and Prove MY POINT. As they say here in Bossier City "U All have an Awesome Day".
Buy the way any reading this fly with the
Great looking field. 6 or 8 Years ago I won an Astronautics 8000 in a raffle. I guess this is thanks. Wish the weather hadn't been so crappy this week here. (Here for an USAF Hound Dog Missileirs Reunion).
I'd have loved to put up a couple of flights. By the way I do have my FAA Number and do put my AMA Info in my planes.

Check it out I Do Believe it was one of many weapons that scared the "CRAP" out of the Russians, in the Late 50's to the middle 70's

Stop making sense HD... At this late point, you should realize it's not what is going on now, nobody will ever answer that question for you since nothing has significantly changed. 99.99% of people can go fly just as they did before, except those that have cut off their nose to spite their face and not registered. Nothing has changed that "takes away my freedoms"...we can still fly above 400 feet, etc etc etc. If you go back and look at the posts over the past few years, it's all about what MIGHT happen, and how horrible it is going to be. Just in the past two days, how many times have you seen "the AMA will cease to exist in 2-3 years". LoL...80 years strong, and then poof! It's not going to happen of course. But it's easier to complain about the past, and worry about the future I guess, rather than going out and enjoying the present. You sound like you're having fun traveling around and seeing other fields, it's always great to do that eh?