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bikrebc, Sorry to hear you're "having seconds thoughts about this plane". Two months ago I was having "second thoughts" about the Phoenix Super Cub I was assembling and expressed envy for not buying the H-9 Carbon Cub. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. I think the problem is that many ARFs are made to be too versatile , gas , glo, or electric powered and don't really hit the nail on the head well for anyone. Unlike a kit you build and custom fit for your power choice as you build it ( and other extra options such as hard points for floats, reinforcements, custom landing gear, etc.) it's a one size fits all, and really doesn't fit anyone. I liken it ( building/assembling an ARF) to building a ship in a bottle. The bottle is already built and you are trying to build a airplane that meets your needs and quality standards inside that "bottle" (the semi completed, covered airframe). The appeal of the nicely covered, good looking ARF, is the eye candy that sucks us in to not kit building and going with an ARF. I do both ARFs and kits, and I know you do too, and it's more ARFs than kits these days, but I grumble about something on every ARF I do. Sometimes it's a lot things to grumble about and I swear "no more ARFs", but of course the next good looking one that comes along gets bought. The fact that the ARF is cheaper than the cost to kit build a similar airframe is the other draw. Keep plugging along on the Carbon Cub, accept the irritations of the ARF and as you know, with enough of your improvements you will have another nice Cub in the fleet. I can now be so high and mighty (above all the ARF frustrations) cause today I completed my "Cub from hell", the Phoenix Super Cub, and will maiden it on Sunday. Four and a half months (on and off) to complete an ARF ! Lots of improvements and scale details added and now it looks like a million bucks. I'll let you know how it flys.

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