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Originally Posted by EXT2Rob View Post
Oooohhh... that's no fun. Could just be that the capacitor is old (?) and its dielectric dried up and it's died. Cheap fix.
Have you looked over the wheel bearings and such to look for any binding? Anything bent? If it's all in good shape, you might could get ohh...$160-180 as a roller, add another Benjamin with the motor system. Providing one can still get parts for it. If ya can't get parts for it, it's a shelf queen. I looked HERE and didn't see a listing that might be a "Buggy 8". AH...found it at NitroHouse . So parts shouldn't be an issue. He's out of rear arms right now... But it looks like parts are out there. As always, what something is worth is what someone is willing to pay for it. RC Universe does have a Classified Ads section. Post an ad and see.

Looking at Traxxas, hey? I do think the eRevo is pretty cool, looking*. And the XMAXX is brand new, comes with Traxxas Stability Management for easy driving (and has the cool self-righting feature). Always easy parts support at your LHS. Going BIG, huh? Look at the Arrma Nero truck. Same price as the eRevo, but could be better than the eRevo with it's "Diff-Brain" tech. It's clearly aimed at it's market. Sounds like you're willing to drop some serious coin.

* You might want to read up on the forums about the eRevo's "required parts" to make it durable.
Thanks again for the info. I've just started doing some research on what's to come. I will def look at that Arrma Nero and read more about the traxxas models. I did find out that the motor and ESC are definitely working perfectly I snipped the black wire off of the old capacitor and and everything works just as it should. I need to figure out what capacitor I can replace it with now. If everything works properly without it...is it even necessary? I've looked over the entire buggy...and even drove it for a very short period just a few minutes ago. It's looking good. Everything works and seems in great shape.