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Originally Posted by EXT2Rob View Post
Cool! Then you may have something you can get a few bucks out of. Is the cap needed? Maybe. It's probably a standard "glitch buster" cap. Might cost ya ten bucks. Unless you're good with soldering, especially on circuit boards, I'd suggest soldering the new cap (if you get one) onto the old wires and use shrink wrap on the joints. Getting the polarity of the cap right might be an issue. Use a volt meter and find out which wire has a positive voltage, and connect the + side of the cap to that wire.
I figured out that it was a Novak Power Trans-Cap Module-HV Pro #5684. It's 2700uf power capacitor rated at 25W. I have been looking everywhere to find a replacement part and haven't been able to. I was going to contact Novak and see if i could use a 5682 (power cap harness) or a 5626 (glitch buster) instead. Do you have any idea? I found the below chart. Mine is 2nd to last...the HV Pro. It doesn't really tell you anything about replacement parts, though. It seems like the glitch buster might do the trick...but it plugs directly into the receiver instead of directly to the ESC like the original. Not sure if that matters.