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Originally Posted by Maj_Overdrive View Post
From what I can tell it's an Ofna 9.5 MBX buggy. Btw the front wheels look like they're pointing in a weird direction. It's likely caused, at least in part) due to the front upper arms facing the wrong way, flip them over and you'll also gain shock clearance.

As for the capacitor, yes it's needed. Hit the throttle from a stop and that's the largest load drawn by the motor. Voltage drops on the pack under any load and the capacitor helps supplement the pack. It also helps to lower ripple voltage which is basically the voltage fluctuating in the pack as the esc fires a phase in the motor then rests and fires another phase. More capacitance is not a bad thing so don't worry about going too big, a low esr cap is recommended though. If you can't find a cap (try an online electronics dealer) maybe consider Castle Creations cap pack instead.

As for price, that's a tough one. There are more modern rtr buggies with better power systems that sell for $400-450 brand new. I think $250-300 is fair as the 9.5 MBX rollers go for about $100 up to $150 depending on condition and parts included. Maybe you can find someone that'll trade you for a monster truck. Whatever you do I wouldn't use the Novak in a monster truck, unless it's a 1/10 like the Stampede 4x4. The Maxx, Revo are really on the heavy side for the HV as it has an undersized 380 size rotor in it. But at least you have the HV6.5 which out of all the HV's is the most compatible with heavier vehicles if you end up having to use it.
Thanks a lot for the help. I'll look at the front upper arms today. If the castle creations cap pack would work I'll just order that up today. I definitely don't plan on using this motor/esc combo in the monster truck. I want something water proof. Who knows....once i get this up and running properly again I might end up just keeping it. it's pretty fun to drive.