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Originally Posted by EXT2Rob View Post
Waterproof. Out of the box, nothing that I am aware of is "water proof". "Water resistant", yes. Splash-proof is more like it.
There are ways to make things even more water resistant, but generally, water and electricity don't mix well. So I would not go mud bogging or fording streams, unless you've done a lot more research on how to protect your expensive electronics. The most sensitive is the receiver. There are water resistant receiver boxes, and some guys just put them in a balloon. But I don't like the idea of getting the battery and it's connector wet. Most of the trail-scalers use BRUSHED motors that don't mind getting wet, but I don't know what if any brushless motors can take it.
Oh yea, I definitely don't plan on sending it into the pond. I just would prefer to not have to worry about it if it does go through a puddle or something along those lines. The Xmaxx and the Nero claim to be waterproof. Take a look at that video below. Not that i would do anything like what this guy is doing, but it gives me a good feeling that I wouldn't ever have to worry about it accidentally going through a puddle or something.

Do you think that Castle Creations Cap Pack will work fine for a replacement capacitor ?