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Finally got my Insane F1 Tunnel running perfectly. I had a pro mod 29.5 in it and every time I would come out of a turn, it would do a 360 spinout and die. I swapped out the 29.5 for a full race mod 26 and that made all the difference in the world. I haven't clocked it yet but I would guess it is running in the low 70's. I also picked up a skeg made for a cracker box, cut it down so it hung in the water 1" and mounted it 1/3 of the hull length from the transom. I mounted it on the inside of the right sponson so now I run full speed down the straights and back off the throttle just enough to get the fin in the water in the turns. This thing now makes turns like a slot car. Really happy I kept this boat and worked out the bugs.