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Willpower is a seller in China, and I have purchased some parts from him that work with my XT2s. I have not seen that he has any parts that will fit an Xcellerator. He offers spur gears, but they are for other cars such as the XT, XT2, Cage, Etc. I spoke with Global Hobby Distributors a while back and they do not make spur gears for the XC anymore. They have been out of production for years, and this not change in the future. This has left a few options: Occasionally find them on E-Bay as a standalone and ridiculously overpriced item (the last one I found was over $40 and I passed on it), Buy a used XC with a decent spur gear on it (I picked up a couple for parts, and the gears were in decent condition), make your own casting (a pain), or adapt other spur gears to fit. I have tried some Associated, a Losi, the Traxxas, and a couple of Redcat gears I had lying around. By far the best option has been the option I have described in the original post. Part of the challenge is that the gear pitch on the XC is unique. It is not quite a 1.0, and not quite a .8, so even when I found gears that fit the shaft, the gears just did not mesh well with the clutch bell, which is also unique. The Traxxas gear seems to be a decent fit, and the teeth wear in to the clutch bell because the gear is plastic. I would go with the setup I described above, and you should be able to make it work. Also, if you remove the engine, spur gear, etc and give yourself to some room to work you will find that if needed you can grind the chassis slightly to making fit up easier. I did it on one of my XCs, but not the other. I used a dremel with a cone shaped grinding bit and just took my time to shave a little bit of the chassis. Be careful on these threads though. In general, people say a lot of parts from the Losi XXX NT will fit, or that the front end is basically an associated. But in many cases this is not the case. Some parts will fit, but they are by no means clones. The XXX NT chassis is different, the clutch bell is different, the spur gear and pitch is different, the rear arms are different etc., etc. Instead of screwing around with all of that, I just bought a couple of XCs on Ebay for parts on the cheap. Now I have tons to last for years.