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Default Wishing for a P70 sized sport jet that looks good, I can't be the only one.....

Seriously, back in the day of the ducted fan jets looked like jets, and there were kits available. We had Vipers, Aggressors, Mavericks, Starfires, Cyclones, Panthere etc etc etc. Then came Bandits and Razor's.

Where are the sport jets today that look like jets. I know, somebody will say Flash or Ultra Flash. Well, first of all, they aren't sparkling performance with a P70 and frankly, I think the Flash is a horrible looking jet personally. Secondly, I don't a $3000 ARF for an economy jet.

Not that the kits back in the day were cheap, but today an ARF costs as much as a high end ducted fan back in the day completely outfitted does.

Yes, I just looked at the "Fortune" thread, but again, it's fugly IMO, I never bothered to even look at the size honestly.

I never owned a BVM Ducted fan, or really many ducted fans at all as they were on the way out when I started into jets, but I still remember staring at the original Viper's and dreaming. The Starfire was cool too outside of inlets that looked huge but you couldn't argue the performance.

I wish that somebody would focus more on the smaller (but not micro) sized jets. My bobcat is ok, it flies well, always works, but it's still a twin boomed airplane that just doesn't scream sexy.

Everything today seems to be being designed either huge, or with these big pregnant dolphin fuselage's. It seems to be headed to one extreme or the other, either huge or very small. Is there no market for a P70 sized nice sport jet anymore or is it that there is no market because nobody is manufacturing one? Even in the scale realm there is little in that size anymore. I have big stuff, but reality is it's a pain for me to go fly it regularly.

I can't be the only one that misses those 80's era designs can I?