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Originally Posted by Vettster View Post
Jeremy.. Grab some blue foam.. Stick it all together and shape your own. If it looks good enough and the price is low enough.. you can sell more than 3 and recoup your expenses.

FYI.. To bad you dont like the T-1 cause its all Comp and comes with gear for $1800!! but!! it is a 100-160 size at 1.9m

See, I like building still. My DL Aeromodels Cyclone cost me under $1000Canadian by the time I had kit, gear, and painted. Sure that doesn't include a tailpipe or fuel tanks for turbine, but it's still half the cost of even the T1. It was a great flying airplane. I lost it from engine problems but that kit, the Y/A kits, even the JHH kits were all very affordable. The BVM stuff was expensive but it worked. I get that the average modeler doesn't want to build anymore, but it would be nice if some of the ARF stuff was available as a kit for those of us who enjoy building, don't want the same color scheme's, and make it significantly less money. I'd like to say I'm not cheap, but reality is, I just don't want more $7000+ rtf airplanes anymore.