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If you go directly to their website - lemon rx.com - it's easy to snoop around and buy what you came for. They have had some different pay outfit, other than PayPal, that has been a source of trouble but I believe they canned them and are back to normal. I think.

I've been using their standard ultra-lightweight 6 channel DSM2 Rex's for several years now, with only one failure....altho, to be candid, that rx had been crashed twice and had to have antennas replaced (which I did). They have worked without issue in scale planes (F4U and Pitts), EDF's (many!), and even an Extreme Flight 45" Extra 300. WS's from 33" to over 60". Ranges that my eyes are comfy with (I'm 62....) present no troubles at all.

Overall, I have been very satisfied that some $6 rx's have performed so very, very well. I have a buddy who did have some troubles with their bigger 10-channel rx, which they very promptly replaced for him. Can't say if he has used the replacement yet or not.