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Originally Posted by mrbuggy1987 View Post
the only things I can thing of are drag somewhere, or with the bigger gripper tires it was pulling to many amps
ESC logs says it sent 18A average when it fried but other logs before the change of tyres ran up to 32A average. i was extremely hard on the car with stock tyres and never had this 160C problem. It is pretty weird, UNLESS the motor being driven to 90C for 10 or less times finally damaged it overtime

Originally Posted by EXT2Rob View Post
Also, check your mesh of the pinion and spur gear. If it's too tight, that can cause strain on the front motor bearing, and also heat up the motor. The proper way to set mesh is the paper method. Place a piece of 20# bond paper between the pinion and spur. Mesh the gears and tighten the mount screws. Remove the paper. Mesh is now set.
That is possible since i like my gear mesh to be tighter than average. I am going to bed so any replies wont be read for 8 hours. thanks for responding!

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