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Originally Posted by The Saylors View Post
Most of the guys that get the aluminum cases are trying to get rid of some heat without re-gearing like they should or they just like it cuz its pretty (which it is lol). unless you can get your hands on some titanium gears (which i'm pretty sure don't exist, and if they do would cost an arm and a leg) then steel is the best bet.
People go with an aluminum trans case to try and reduce motor heat? That makes no sense for multiple reasons, number 1 being the motor doesn't contact the trans case. The motor is mounted to the already aluminum motor plate and the 3mm thick motor plate is not going to transfer that much heat to the trans case. Assuming you could transfer heat to the trans case it isn't going to dissipate that much heat anyway. It is just a hollowed out chunk of aluminum, it's not a heatsink or radiator. A larger finned aluminum motor mount would do a better job dissipating heat than trying to transfer it to the trans case. An aluminum trans case is heavier though making the load on the motor higher, generating more heat and hurting handling since the weight is up high on the chassis. They'd be better served getting a heatsink and fan combo which would cool the motor more effectively for less $.

I'm not sure what the trans gears are made of in the 3903/5/8 Maxx that's why I just referred to them as metal. They are likely a sintered steel similar to the diff gears though. As I said the stock gears are basically bulletproof, no reason to upgrade so nobody makes any gears (in any material) that I've seen. Besides when most people want to do something with the trans it's usually to replace it with a 1/8 style center diff to put the motor lower in the chassis. The 2spd gears are a different story, they're plastic as are the shifting parts. There are aluminum upgrades for the shifting parts but I'm pretty there aren't any upgrades for the plastic gears and they apparantly survive quite a bit of brushless abuse as long as you don't shift while on the throttle.

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