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Hiya guys. It's veen awhile since I've logged in here at RCU. I got out of ground vehicles and focused on my fast electric boats for awhile. Unfortunatly boats died off around here and I got bored running by myself so I let my boats go.*

I've been running rc's for 20 some years now, but I'm also a nitro junkie that won't touch anything with a smallblock Because they're just too temperamental. For me, it's all about bigblock 8th scale. The last few I had was a Mammoth ST, Savage X, Savage 5.9, Ofna Jammin, Sportwerks Truggy and a Duratrax Raze Truggy, And that's just a few of the rig's I've had over the last Several years So I'm pretty Adapt With Gas powered RC's.*

Well, since I'm back into ground vehicles I decided to start things off right so I piicked up another *really nice XTM Mammoth ST that's super clean And all original rightdown to the factory body. And a new XTM Mega Monster Truck since thats ine XTM I haven't had before, needless to say I'm really impressed with it.

The Gentlemen that I purchased it from bought it new And took it home and parked it And never got back to it after that because his friends got out of rc's And he didn't feel like going out and Running by himself which I can relate to with my boats, so this rig sat there until I bought it from him.

I can honestly say that this thing is a vbeast and i really like it, but I won't be bashing it do to Parts availability or lack there for us, and the same can be said for my Mammoth. This Doesn't mean I won't be putting them through their paces, I'll just try and be careful so I Won't break anything That may be hard to replace. I Already broke a front lower a arm which was rather surprising as easily as it broke,but maybe it was a fluke, idk ?. Either way I already had a couple sets of spares so it's fixed and ready to roll.

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