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Originally Posted by STUKA BARRY View Post
A true 1/3 scale ME-109 will have a wingspan of 24ft, that is one big airplane, I highly doubt the ZDZ-210 will be over powered, it will probably be just right to marginal depending on prop selection and exhaust selection. Kolhm makes a 4 cycle 3 cylinder that would be good choice of engine for that plane, and it would sound awesome too.
What a DUMB ASS, sorry, I was sniffing Zap when I wrote this. Yes the ME-109 has a 32.6ft W/S. A W/S of 24ft. would be 3/4 scale, so a 1/3 scale would be around 14-15ft. which still would'nt be bad for the ZDZ-210, but the Kolhm still would be sweet. I think even the Kolhm two cylinder would be fine and cheaper.