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Hi Allan,

I have an Xcalibur jet that I think would benefit from having crow. At the moment it comes in for landings and glides on forever.

My set up consists of RX : RG731BX with a XB1- CV4 PMW converter ( 4 ports).

Channel allocations are:

1- throttle
2- aileron (right)
3- elevator
4- nose wheel
5- gear
6- aux1 flap
7- aux2 brakes
8 - XBus 02 - 01 aileron left
04 - 02 rudder left
04 - 03 rudder right
08 - 04 aux3 engine cut

With this set up if I check the servo movements with the radio "monitor" screen both the ailerons only operate on the one channel. Therefore I can not access the mix program to separate the two ailerons.