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Looking at your channel assignments, you have only one aileron channel with both the right and left aileron tied to it. The right aileron is by the PWM port and the left aileron is on the XBus port. Similarly there is only one rudder channel for your dual rudders and brake. The XBus doesn’t create dual channels. It redirects the PWM channels to the serial bus and allows you the gang multiple servos onto one channel. This is different from having dual channels. You should first program your transmitter as if the XBus doesn’t exist and then use it to redirect the channels to the serial bus connector.
To get crow which is just having the ailerons act as spoilerons when the flaps go down. Start with a NORMAL wing type and dual/mate a channel to the AILERON channel. Then using the FLAP SYSTEM in the Function list. In that menu, you can set the flaps to go in one direction and the ailerons in the other.
If you want your rudders to act as air brakes, you’ll have to dual/mate a channel to the RUDDER and then use a program mix of FLAP -> RDVT.
I was going to recommend an alternative channel assignments but too many questions popped up, such as is the nose gear steering disengaged when the wheels are retracted. Is the steering travel less than the rudder? And do you have brakes on the nose gear?

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