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I got a little carried away with offering a solution to your question. To have crow requires that the ailerons have the flaperon attribute. To have the flaperon attribute the wing type must have more than one aileron channel. In your situation, the FLAPERON wing type can’t be used as it doesn’t allow for an actual flap. So you have to use the NORMAL wing type with another channel mated to the aileron channel.
Once you have dual ailerons, if the output of the FLAP is set to SYS (its default setting) in the DEVICE SEL menu, the FLAP SYS menu in Function list will add a FPRN (flaperon) setting column on page 2 of the menu. Using this menu, you can set up a crow configuration for one of the flap switch position. Or you could do it the hard way and set up a FLAP -> FPRN program mix.

In the XBus when you used 02-01(or any other subchannel of channel 2) for the left aileron, you were using the same signal as is on the receiver’s channel 2 PWM port. While this signal allows you to actuate the left aileron servo for rolls, it won’t allow for more complex actions such as differential or flaperons. The transmitter has only one channel programmed for the aileron.
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