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Originally Posted by qazimoto View Post
Do you really need that much Amsoil? We're running half that, between 1-1.5%. A few years ago I spoke to a senior chemist from one of our oil refineries. He said that all modern Kero was basically Jet A-1.
It was recommended to me to use 2-3% Amsoil because a) it's not exactly the same chemical as the "standard" ignition improver for model diesel fuel (doesn't work quite as well perhaps?) and b) it is supposed to make needle setting easier... I did find the engines hand started easier when using 2% versus 1% - I used 1% Amsoil C.B. Initially and found 2% to be better.

The Jet A that I have is clear as water and seems a little less viscous than the heating oil kerosene I have used which has a light brown color to it. The engines run no differently on the two different distillates - no difference in power or exhaust oil color.