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Well, I'm a little way into construction on the Carbon Cub now, and some observations and oddities:

I'm using the EVO 15 and per althepal's suggestion I've moved it 1/2 inch aft. Cowling fits OK with just a needle valve hole...haven't fitted the muffler yet. The tank does not fit as supplied: a small cutout in the bottom of the instrument panel will be necessary.

The ignition module will not fit alongside the tank on either side, so it will have to go above. I don't like "wrap and stuff" installations, so I've fabricated a padded fixture to hold it against the back of the panel...I'll be doing the same with an IBEC. It would sure be nice to have an ignition module with right-angle wire exits.

Some of the hardware sizes and counts have changed on the way from "per manual" to "as supplied". The screws for attaching the servo covers are really cheap, with Phillips heads that don't work well with any screwdriver I have...I'm substituting socket heads.

As dabrown said, the flap servos no longer need a reverser. The aileron servo mounts are mirror images...those for the flaps are not.

The manual shows the receiver switch being mounted on the removable floor panel that covers the receiver; to get to it you'd have to reach under the wing and through the open door. I'll put it a little ahead of the windshield, along with the IBEC indicator light. Not sure where I'll put the fuel dot yet.

Manual illustrations are tightly cropped photos that can be really hard to interpret, nary a drawing anywhere. The step where the seats are attached to the floor says "Consult a scale reference for location"...I'd call that pretty lame.