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The Dave Brown spinner is 5 1/2 inch diameter and the red color is listed in the manual that comes with the plane on page 11. Just buy the Hanger 9 aerosol spray can "Deep Red" and "Cub Yellow" color paint. To paint the spinner I mount the spinner on an electric hand drill using old engine prop adapter parts and spin it while spraying the paint from a distance to allow the paint to dry a little before reaching the spinner. Apply very thin coats of paint, don't try to get an opaque color right away. Let the paint dry to the touch between coats. If the paint is applied wet it will run. Be sure to clean the spinner surface with thinner or acetone and don't touch the surface before applying paint. I use fine steel wool (1000) to rough the surface so the paint will adhere. The full scale spinners were painted with silver paint for delivery then Group colors were applied in the field. They may have removed the original silver in some cases. Look at the reflectivity of the full scale plane, a high shine (transparent red) indicates the paint was applied over polished metal, a duller finish indicates the paint was sprayed over the silver base coat.

Be sure to balance the spinner and back plate, do the backplate first, then add the cone and balance again. I use strips of Gorilla brand duct tape (black) applied to the inside of the cone for balance weight. It is tenacious and won't fall off. I have a giant scale electric powered warbird, I take the prop off, install the painted spinner with a dummy prop hub (balanced), then run the electric motor up to check vibration levels of the balanced spinner. An index mark across the backplate and cone makes balancing easier. I adjust the throttle until any dynamic vibration is maximised and apply a magic marker (erasable) to the middle of the cone. Bring the marker slowly in to the spinning assembly 1/2 way from the backplate to the tip, trying to barely touch the turning cone with the marker. If there is a lot of vibration the marks will be short and dark (apply tape inside-opposite the marks). If the spinner is finally in balance the marks will be random and long and thin. Some new spinners don't need balance weight and some do. A large spinner that has visible vibration will not last long. My electric motor will turn a spinner (without a prop) over 8,000 rpm. If the spinner vibrates, the top rpm will be as much as 500 rpm less, and the plane will shake. DO NOT GET BODY PARTS IN THE PLANE OF ROTATION, a failure can cause serious injury.