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Originally Posted by bparro View Post
I am thinking of this plane so I am not thrilled to read this. And, I would argue that the 1/6 is not just a few 100 bucks more either. More like almost double the price once you add LG and other things that the 1/6.75 comes with.

Last quote I got was around $3600 shipped for a 1/6th, basic two tone gray no cockpit nor ordnance…they had a deal for a cockpit for $100 or so, but I don’t care that much about SM cockpits. The the 1/6.75 was about $3K shipped, simlarily equipped but with a cockpit. Hell they even have a deal for the 1/5[SUP]th[/SUP] for $3000 + freight for a couple of factory demo kits.