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Originally Posted by rcguy5 View Post
Hey guys if you want to compare apples to apples the pricing is on their site, you just need to do some adding up to figure it out. The 1/6.75 is $2970, the 1/6 is $4850 and the 1/5 is $6430 (all thunderbirds scheme) so not just a few hundred difference. All three prices include the jet, landing gear, kevlar tanks, tail pipe, hardware, air kit, door cylinders, cockpit and that's it (prices don't include any options shown on their site unless it says included). Shipping is extra and goes up exponentially with size as well as options available. Turbine and radio gear/electronics prices goes up as well with size. I chose the 1/6.75 because of size and hopefully decent quality in my eyes when I receive it, definitely excited about it.

I was quoted much less with the 1/6th, reason I never considered the 1/6.75. And it was ~$750 more less a few things I left out. And the 1/5th is on sale for the $3095 ARF Plus which as per advertisement should include gear (if you can live with the color option they offer) http://jets.chiefaircraft.com/skymas...-in-stock.html