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OK, here's one anyway. Both wings have LED landing lights in the leading edges, with wire ends hanging out at the roots, but the manual says nothing about them except for the step of gluing the transparent covers over them. So I put together this arrangement with a Turnigy receiver-controlled switch. It will attach to the backside of a structural member at the top of the windshield, where it won't show very much. Ordinary DC power plugs connect to it through holes in the roof side that mates to the root ribs, and its servo lead will run down a windshield post.

Flaps are controlled by a 3-pos switch and a rotary lever on the transmitter, like this:

Switch pos 1: No flaps, lights off
Pos 2: Flaps controlled by rotary lever, down to 1/2 flap maximum, lights on
Pos 3: Full flaps, lights on

The switching unit just delivers receiver power to the LEDs in separate battery.

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