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Originally Posted by scale only 4 me View Post
Well, I was an AMA officer in the other AMA in California at the time,,
That had more to do with California AQMD/EPA rules that made it impossible to sell 2 strokes in California for general offroad (green sticker) use than Manufactures profits directly,, 2 strokes were to become "closed coarse only" bikes,,, Shoot many 4 strokes became "track only" bikes too. They have to race on Sunday what they want to sell on Monday,, right?

Manufactures and shops sell what sells,, stuff that doesn't sell well fades away,, it just is.
Yes it's the way things are for sure, has California law eased up on 2 strokes ? There getting more and more popular again, I'll admit I have 4 four stroke dirt bikes in my garage and only one 2 stroke, but hey I'm old now as far as motocross age goes, my racing days are long gone.