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I have 20 plus Solar servos in planes, helicopters and trucks. knock on wood, I have not had an issue. The 771, 772's I have run in my truck have taken so much abuse I am surprised they have not exploded. I have the 770 in a blade 550x helicopter and they work just fine. I have the micro and 9 gram servos and they all work great.

I think some people use the servo as a badge of honor. See how great I am, I have this unubtainium geared servo with moon dust case CNCed in micro gravity and it can use 5.0v to 2200v, has a speed of .0000000001 for 60 degrees at 400v and puts out 6 metric tons of torque with a .0000000002 dead band.

I do have to laugh at some of the post that say a 60 sized plane's elevator needs at least 150 ounces of torque. I look back and see how long I flew with my Kraft servos that on their best day put out 40 ounces and the stock standard servo put out 42 ounces.