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Default CG Blues - Decathlon

Hi One and All,

I have just assembled an EPO Decthlon 765-1 model. Luckily for a novice like me it has 2 CG markers under its wings to use middle or index fingers to measure CG. From my discussions with more seasoned folks and with research on the internet, the plane should tip slightly forward for optimal config. I got this right by adding tape and coins to the cowling around the motor. It now hangs slightly forward no more than 5 degrees.
When i wanted to take it off from the ground [ cricket pitch with very short grass] it would pitch over onto the prop. It would do this even when applying very little throttle. I then took it out on a road and applied half throttle and the plane stayed on it wheels but when i cut the throttle , the plane would flip over onto the prop.
Is my CG correct?
Surely it should be able to take off in very short grass?

Thanks guys.