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The volume plays a role in the effective "tuning" of the pipe, but the length is going to have more influence. The exhaust pulse is a pressure wave traveling along the length of the exhaust system. When the length of the system coincides with the timing of the engine, you get the tuned pipe effect. Lower timing for bigger props requires a longer system whereas higher timing for smaller props requires a shorter system. If your header is long enough, you could move the can in and out (on/off the header) to find the optimum length for a given prop. Similar prop loads won't require changing the length of the system generally.

I did some experiments with an Enya SS30bb using .46 sized mufflers and got a very nice boost in power ~2000rpm in one case. In the end, the .46 muffler gave a slight increase in power over the open faced exhaust reading without being obnoxiously loud. The caveat is extra weight for the larger muffler and adapter.