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Still reading the badmouth on here about them (AGM30's) but I've still got at least a dozen of them and they're all still running just fine. Took one apart after a crash and the inside of the piston was stamped 'DLE30'. Have a couple of DLE30's I got from Tower that run just the same. Only complaint I have is the carb setup with the spring latching choke arrangement. I've converted a couple using choke shafts, ball and springs from other surplus carbs which makes them much nicer to rig. Other issue is that the welds on the stock and Pitts mufflers break after a while. If you're lucky you can have the pieces welded but my guy says they'll likely break again someplace else as the metal's just too thin. (had about five mufflers do this so far.)

Just got one of their new 55cc engines and it looks nice. Haven't installed it on a plane yet. Will report once I get it mounted and fired up.

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