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I'm not familiar with the ESC, but Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) maybe? Most ESCs go into LVC and can't be returned to running status without a physical reset or unplugging of the battery. Although, on a few of my RCs, the ESC is constantly monitoring voltage (perhaps yours refreshes every 20 seconds) and if the battery is flowing enough current to drop its voltage at the time the ESC checks, it can send it into LVC. Once the ESC checks the voltage after another 20 seconds and sees that its back above LVC (because the battery isn't under much load and will have a higher voltage), it shuts off LVC and allows you to continue driving. Assuming your 5200 is fully charged, the problem could be that the ESC has its LVC setup for 3S instead of 2S.

Some ESCs go by individual cell voltage too and are often adjustable, so that could be set too high.

This is just a theory, something you might want to check into.

In any event, the problem sounds very likely to be ESC related, at least to me.