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Default HZ Firebird Stratos not binding!

Hi guys

I should know better but can't figure this out....Got a used Stratos with no TX, bought a new TX and a new LiPo. Have gone to bind as per manual, and can't get it to. This is what happens:

Connect battery -> ESC light flashes fast about 17 times, then stops and the servos twitch once. After about 5 seconds the ESC light flashes rapidly and can't get any sense out of it.
When I turn the TX on it beeps twice, then the TX light repeatedly flashes slowly. When I do the binding per manual and turn the TX on whilst holding left, it just beeps repeatedly.
So not sure if the new TX is stuffed, my new LiPo is stuffed, or the ESC is! Or if it's just one of these tricky ones to bind. Don't want to spend much more on this as it's costing heaps already.