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Originally Posted by Pisti View Post
I have a DX6 Gen3 and a modified HH Conscendo S (with flaperons).
I would like to practice both programming and flying. I would like to program 5 flight modes. Could you help me to complete the following table?
Flap Elev
1. Launch Mode ?% ?%
2. Cruise Mode ?% ?%
3. Thermal Mode ?% ?%
4. Speed Mode ?% ?%
5. Landing Mode ?% ?%

Please indicate values with + or - .
Thanks in advance,
You can not do it in this way

If it shall be + or - is about the way your servos are mounted.
The % are depending on the servo arms and horns on the surfaces.

First you must think of what you want in the Launch Mode, and then adjust the flapperons and then adjust the elevator setting after the first flying to get the right trim.

Then the same way on all the flt modes.

Set the trim to flt mode, then you can trim in each flt mode.

Good luck