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Hi your going to love the Extra, yep its an old design but one of the best in my book.
i like you power mine with a YS 120 SC.
The landing gear is the planes only short coming, dump the wire gearand get some Aluminum or Carbon fiber and make the mods needed to use it and go fly.
i call mine the little plane that thinks its a 40% .
it is a very honest plane eith no supprises if built correct.
i hope you enjoy yours as much as i have mine over the years, i dont much fly it anymore with the gas and larger planes in my hanger, but theres no way i would be W/O one. I have several sets of plans plus the ribs plans as well to make sure i could rebiild or scratch a new one if needed.
Fiberglass Specialitys has the Cowls, Canopys And i think the alum landing gear as well, if not its not to hard to come by.
happy flying.