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Default Jet Tronics Dual Valve Issue

I'm trying to figure out what is going on with a JT Dual Valve. It's on my landing gear and is giving me the biggest headache! I've been searching the forums here and all over the web trying to see if anyone has had a similar issue and no luck. So here we go:

Setup: DX-18QQ with Powerbox Mercury SRS and Jet Tronics Dual Valve hooked through the internal sequencer to Door 1. 100% travel both ways on TX. Done multiple resets of the valve and gone through the sequencer setup in the Powerbox multiple times.

Problem: Power up the airplane trough the Powerbox after filling the air tanks. Go to cycle the gear up, and they make it half way up and hang there as air is being released from the air exhaust on the JT Valve and if I don't do anything, it just bleeds the air tank empty and the gear will just fall back down. Gear will only go up with me gently assisting by pushing the nose and mains up a little and then they retract. Then, I cycle them down and they go down great. Next, I'll cycle the gear up once more and they retract like nothing's wrong. It's just the first try to cycle them up after airplane power up that there is a problem. If I keep flipping the switch to put it down and back up without helping it go up, the gear with just continue to hang halfway like described above.

Also, is it normal the valve bleeds some pressure out when you power down the airplane?

I hope I'm just missing something easy that someone encountered before and can take care of it without having to remove the valve completely and send it in.