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Originally Posted by kevarc View Post
I was able to get mine up for the second time. Used all of the runway width and length on take off.
Made 7 or 8 passes. really like the way she flys!
Dropped the flaps and gear and lined up to land.
Came in a little low throttled up and the engine quit!
Fell out of the sky from about 5 feet and 30 yards short of the runway.
Tore the gear out, one of them is bent up pretty good, but the other is fine.
The center section is pretty much toast, the gear busted through the top.
The mounts broke out of the cowl.
The wing panels have no damage except a broken hinge on a flap.
Fuselage is fine with no apparent damage. not even scratches on the bottom and the tail gear doors are not damaged, and neither was the prop.
All in all pretty fortunate, but still costly.
I have some gear parts, center section, cowl, and set of gear doors are on order.
I had three other planes with me and no issues with any of them. Whew!
Sorry to hear about your misfortune.
What engine are you using on your Corsair?