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Hi there
i use the YS 120 and the header pipe they originally come with back when. My cowl fits nice and snug around the head just like yours, but i have no need to remove anything to get the cowl off.
its been a while but it seems like i do need to loosen the header so it will turn to clear, but other than that its a straight gorward deal.
On another note i pulled the extra out last weekend checked and rechecked eveything changed the battery and fired it up. That old YS-SC barked to life in 3 flips and ran flawless.
So with a reciever update to 2.4 i did a ground check topped it off and flew it.
i let my son fly it after i had the rodeo under control, supprised me it was that far out of trim.
he couldnt believe that i have had that plane all this time and was not flying it.
He became another GB Extra lover at once.
we flew it off and on for two days over the weekend flyin with out issue.
There a great plane and with the YS in the nose the performance is unbelievable.
Your planes looking great keep up the good work soon you will be posting what a sweetheart it is.

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