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Kind of ironic - the part about Sean Connery - I didn't have the privilege of meeting him but I believe I saw my first JB movie - Thunderball - at the age of 4.5 in the theater aboard SS United States during a crossing from NY to France guessing '65~'66. The underwater scenes must have been a feast for young eyes and made a lasting impression... I remember sleeping on bunks but got quite a laugh out of the adventure you - ironwolf - and your brother had. My then - 15 y.o. brother made the crossing with me and our parents and a few years later my parents and I made a 2nd crossing back and 3rd over again (probably only weeks apart) around '68 for something I remember my father calling: "home leave".

Things I remember (which I don't necessarily claim are accurate) from the crossings in no particular order: how pointy, narrow, and tall the ship bow looked; the "winglets on the r,w,&b smoke stacks; during ship leaving port, passengers were issued rolled up confetti streamers, my father told me not to touch the falling streamers but young curiosity couldn't resist and resulted in painful paper cut to finger; my brother and I standing outside on the stern deck one night looking down at the water below and him telling me about sharks before going to bed. Standing waiting for an elevator and feeling a tremendous shuttering - was told it was the ship's stabilization system at work (gyro's?); realization that failure was part of life at not being able to blow up a balloon with young lungs at some kiddie party; my girlfriend showing me her father's revolver in their cabin when our parents weren't present; didn't like the one pool (indoor) I may have been in - I couldn't swim yet and probably couldn't stand up with my head above water, it was salt water, and it was a looong way down the ladder to the water's surface - probably to prevent sloshing...

Thanks for the contributions and welcome to RCU ironwolf2252.

Pics: 1) ship model box art; 2,3,4) ship brochure, 5) learning how to be sociable
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