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Your comment about the pool sloshing triggered a memory. There was one pool that had weird ends. They were taller than the sides of the pool. The ship..even as huge as it was with all of the technology available at the time..still rolled a little. It wasn't much, not even enough to feel normally but the pools "felt" it. I remember one day, we went swimming and the surf was up! That weird pool with the high ends had ocean swells on it. From one end to the other...the swells rolled across. Us kids were having a blast but they had many many attendants standing around the sides.

On another ship at another time: We were crossing from Tampa, Florida to Rotterdam, Holland in the early 70's. I had my dog with me..a German Shepherd. The ship was a German Merchant Marine freighter. (Very cool way to cross the oceans!) My dog was set up in a private area with retractable covers on the windows but he had to stay in his cage unless I was with him. He was a very well trained Schutzhund and had been to more countries than most people had been to cities. So we're standing by the rails waiting for the ship to get underway. The tugs had already pulled us out into the channel but we weren't moving. Then a voice came over the PA system. "The 'Ironwolfs' need to report to the bridge immediately".

My Mom of course wanted to know what trouble we had caused but we were innocent this time. The Captain was waiting for us on the bridge and he was not happy! In very heavily accented English, he starts in. Who's dog is that? What kind of dog is he? Why is he loose on my ship? When I told him that he was mine and a German Shepherd, he kind of sneered. You should realize now that Germans are snobs about their German Shepherds. To them, there are two kinds of Shepherd dogs: Germans and all of the others. I was having a hard time understanding his English so I switched to German when I answered him. (I learned it at the same time as English and spoke it like a German) I told him my dog is German Shepherd dog from the Lutherwald Kennels and is Red Papered. (It don't get no better than that!!) First he was shocked to hear this American talking German German to him, then he was impressed with my dog and finally, he explained what was going on.

It seemed that my wonderful dog got lonely so he ate his way thru the metal bars on the cage and started wandering around the ship looking for me. He didn't find me but did smell/find the cargo hold where our stuff was stored. So he decided that it was his job to guard that door and hallway! Unfortunately, the crew's quarters were there too. He had them all penned up inside and wouldn't let anybody pass. The crew were imprisoned in their quarters! He was a large powerful dog and very impressive when he said "I'm warning you"!!

So the Captain is mad because his ship is just drifting in the current, the tugs are all waiting for him to start moving and his crew are not at their posts. He tells me to go with the officer and get my dog. Then he tells me to keep my dog with me all of the time everywhere I go even to the dining room. That was an adventure all by itself!!

One day, him and I are walking along a passageway from someplace to someplace else. It was storming and the seas were running high with big rollers were coming in sideways. The ship was rolling a lot. My dog was having trouble staying upright but he figured it out. If he walked along the side and just slid his body along the walls, he was fine.....until he was passing a doorway and it opened. A ships Officer was just opening his door when my dog was leaning against it. The door slammed open, my dog rolled in on top of the officer and they both piled up against the far wall. The officer was terrified because of the way they ended up: With my dogs face smushed up against his face. But my dog was smart. He knew it was just a misunderstanding. He got up and apologized the only way he knew how. He drug his tongue across the officers face. From his reaction, I don't think he liked dogs very much! heh heh.