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Thanks H5606! Yeah, he was a great dog and traveled with me everywhere. In Europe, you just have to pay a child's fare and they have to be well behaved. Trains, buses, cabs, etc. His real name was Sven Von Lutherwald but I called him Nicky. He would not let anybody but family mess with him. He didn't want strangers even petting him. When the ship arrived in Rotterdam, they set up a gangplank for people to debark. A real gangplank kind of thing that was pretty steep and had open slots between the steps. There was no way my dog could walk down that thing so I picked him up to carry him. He was 100+ pounds but he knew to hold still. At some point, I missed the step and fell...with one leg on each side of a step. Oh yeah it hurt a lot. That step got me "right there". But, I didn't let go of my dog! I had seen the violence of the water between the ships side and the dock and had already decided that if he went in, it was going to be because I fell in with him. Just then, this dock worker comes running up the gangplank and wants to take my dog....my dog...the dog who would react violently to a stranger trying to pick him up....but I didn't have any choice so I let him take my dog. Wow! He must have known what would happen if he argued with the guy because he held perfectly still. The guy set him down on the dock and stepped back. I didn't have any Dutch money yet so I gave him fifty US dollars. He didn't want to take it but I insisted. My dog gave him a look that said "Well ok. Thanks but this don't mean we're friends or anything". Then we took off for a three day ride on a train into Southern Germany. That dog had been to more countries than most people had been to cities. He was a world class traveler.