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Default Airboat Woes....

So last week while on holidays, I had the pleasure of playing around with my airboat. It had also had an engine upgrade from the finniky MDS 40 to an OS FSR 40!. Firstly this engine is a very nice starting and running engine. Secondly, I had also increased the size of my air rudders from the original to twice the size. Same height but twice as long. Also since I did not have a rescue boat handy, I had to resort to grass runs. Wow, once it gets going, it is darn fast. But as I am new to this still, it seems to be very twitchy/unresponsive/very sensitive to control input. So I am now not sure of the rudder size or is it just because it is on dry ground. Only time will tell. Two weeks minimum before I get back to the cottage. Anyways, on the first run, it must have hit a little bump at full throttle as it proceeded to do a 360 flip! To my horror, I was cringing while watching, but to my amazement, it landed right side up without any damage, engine running! Yay me. Next couple runs were good. Then the last run.... Similar to the first, but this time it tried a double flip in a different location. It is now back here at home for repairs, although minor. Bent up my rudders and snapped my rudder control horn only. I was very impressed with the design and as well that I was able to build it that rugged. Anyways, just wanted to share my experiences I recently had.