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Originally Posted by 1QwkSport2.5r View Post
I guess I think a little better explanation of the twitchy/unresponsive comment might be in order. I've never needed to adjust any settings on my radio to get the type of control I want other than adjusting travel/endpoints. If you're turning full right and it takes its sweet time to turn or doesn't turn very sharp, that tells me either there isn't enough throw or not enough surface area on the rudder(s) to get adequate control. If it turns too quickly or too sharply and spins out easily, perhaps the rudder has too much throw.
If I may ask, do you happen to have a 'suggested' amount of travel for the rudders? I am sure they will all be different based on design, but is there a starting point. The reason for enlarging them was last year in the water, it favored a turn in one direction. Not that it did not turn th eother direction, but rather one way was more pronounced in my opinion. I should also mention that the control horn is low and up front on teh inside of one rudder in line with the hinge-line as on an airplane. At the back end of the rudders (center of overall height), I have 2 control horns facing each other and joined squarely with a conrtrol rod. Thank you.