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The best RTR for a beginner under $100.00 is the one your local hobby store sells and stocks parts for! A cheap deal on the internet from some unknown maker is going to be no good when you break a part you either can't get, or have to wait a month to see it. The kids are gonna break them (this is inevitable) , you're going to need parts to fix them right away because they are not going to want to wait to be able to play again, and that's all just part of the hobby. 1/18th scale cars are fun, affordable, and portable. However, if you want to run on grass the 1/18th cars do not do well and I would then suggest looking at a 1/14th, 1/12th, or 1/10th scale. Even if getting the larger scale means paying a little more, the enjoyment of being able to run it in more places is well worth it. I gave my daughter a 1/12th 2WD monster truck for her 6th birthday and she loves it because she can drive it around on the lawn. If it will be used on pavement, dirt, and indoors then 1/18th would be just fine.