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Originally Posted by Hydro Junkie View Post
Are you sure you only want to use 15% nitro in a 46 sized engine? Most marine engines like at least double to triple that much nitro
Not sure of anything with a motor this size, thanks for the response. I was wondering about that, but did not know about doubling. I guess it makes sense with water cooling that you could get away with the extra heat that more nitro will make. Maybe I'll run a couple tanks of this 15% and pick up some 30 next time I get into the city. Looks like I'll get a chance to run this big old thing this weekend. I ordered a new starter belt as the one on it is about shot, but I should be able to get a few starts out of it. It's amazing what 6 inches more boat looks like, this thing is huge compared to my little tunnels and stuff. I'm thinking it's going to be a blast. Hey, these Rossi engines seem to be fairly high dollar, are they that much better than the old K&Bs?

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