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Post Tamiya Trail Master upgrades

I had my Tamiya Trail Master monster truck for literally 11 years when it was my 7th birthday (yes I am 18 y/o) , but most of it it was put on a shelf, not being used. Today I found it and want to bring it back to life.
I charged the NiCd 750mA 9.5V battery to see if it still works. And it does!

These are the things I want to do:
1. Do proper maintenance.

Since it has been 11 years since it was maintained other than wiping dust off of the top, it needs maintenance.
Can you guys provide a video or something to show me how to properly do a full maintenance?
2. Glue the back tires.

I noticed that the rim of the tire is spinning when the tire itself is blocked or it has opposite momentum. I want to glue the damn thing in place, what would I use to do so? Epoxy? Hot glue? Superglue? Something better?

3. I want to upgrade the receiver and my transmitter.

Since it still uses the old 8 channel system, it is actually illegal to use it in my country. That's not what I care about, but what I do care about is that my transmitter's antenna is bent and the receiver's antenna might have a frayed cable, but I am not sure about that one.
The point is, I have problems controlling it. The problems worsen when as the battery gets drained, which seems obvious, but i thought I'd mention it anyways.
I was looking at one of those FlySky FS-GT3C radios since their receivers are dirt cheap and the transmitters look pretty nice.
This car is the only one I have at the moment, but I want to get into RC since my father is a long RC modeller, mostly with planes, but I want to expand that to cars as well. Boats maybe but I wouldn't have anywhere to drive them.

4. Upgrade from Ni-Cd batteries to Ni-Mh or Li-Ion or Li-Po.
What would I need if I wanted to upgrade into one of those? What circuits, what battery, [Insert anything here].

Thank you for your time, I made a post a week ago on DIY RC cars and this community has been very helpful so far!