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Originally Posted by mr_matt View Post
Not required at my field. a lot of "blind leading the blind"

What is the status of maidens and waiver flight during AMA events?
Mr Matt! Are you serious? Or just joking? After you answered me, I thought you were just trying to pick a fight, so I let it go. BUT! IF YOU ARE ON AN AMA CHARTERED FIELD, THEN BY AMA RULES, YOU ARE IGNORING THEM. Markum Park in Lauderdale had that issue too with 3 clubs trying to regulate what happened at the field. This was due to it being a public flying field in a public park. Even with 3 clubs there, no one really regulated anything. Hope you are just joshing us.

On a private field, it is the owner's rules, and no AMA is required. As long as you aren't flying over other's unprotected land and obstacles.

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