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Originally Posted by RCFlyerDan View Post
Mr Matt! Are you serious? Or just joking? After you answered me, I thought you were just trying to pick a fight, so I let it go. BUT! IF YOU ARE ON AN AMA CHARTERED FIELD, THEN BY AMA RULES, YOU ARE IGNORING THEM. Markum Park in Lauderdale had that issue too with 3 clubs trying to regulate what happened at the field. This was due to it being a public flying field in a public park. Even with 3 clubs there, no one really regulated anything. Hope you are just joshing us.

On a private field, it is the owner's rules, and no AMA is required. As long as you aren't flying over other's unprotected land and obstacles.

I dont understand the hysterics here. Yes it is a public park. Yes people fly without a waiver. I am sure the folks trying to "regulate" Markham are having as much "fun" as my club is having trying to run things here........

BTW AMA does not charter fields, they charter clubs.