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Originally Posted by mr_matt View Post
I dont understand the hysterics here. Yes it is a public park. Yes people fly without a waiver. I am sure the folks trying to "regulate" Markham are having as much "fun" as my club is having trying to run things here........

BTW AMA does not charter fields, they charter clubs.
I thought that your field might be a "public" field and not a club field. Our club is fortunate that we are on private land and requiring flyers to be AMA members and follow the AMA Safety Code is in our lease. I realize that many clubs on public land are not in that situation and have to allow "non-AMA" members to fly there because they are on public land.

Its unfortunate that you are in that situation - as is Markham. Incidentally, I heard from the EC earlier this year about a video that was posted showing a jet flying over people and a highway. When I looked at the video, I immediately identified it as Markham. After they investigated, the AMA found out that not only is the club there no longer an AMA club, but the flyer who posted the video is not an AMA member - thus they could not do anything about it. However, if the FAA was really into enforcement, they could cite the guy for violating FAR Part 101 subpart E since he was not following the safety code of a CBO...

I sincerely hope that this kind of stupid stuff does not ultimately cost us our freedom to fly without FAA regulation, but I'm becoming less and less of an optimist in that area...