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Default Replacement Radio for old Heli


I'm just about to get back into a little RC flying, after many years break (although didn't do too much previously overall).
I've a 10+ year old Hirobo Shuttle, which I flew fine back all those years ago, and took it out of storage this week. Unfortunately however I've some damage to my radio (a Sanwa RD6000 - broken stick). Looking at glueing it back together at the moment, but I also have a Futaba FF7 (from my airplane days), together with a receiver.
My question is, how difficult would it be to replace the RD6000 with the FF7. Im not too worried about the receiver etc, but am worried about any stuff like pitch/throttle curves, servo throw etc., as this stuff I was just about getting to when I last flew, but am by no means competent, let alone expert in.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.